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Summer Tennis Program - Lessons and Camp

This Summer Spend Family Time on the Court

They say that "the family who plays together, stays together," but the Jeff Nerenberg Tennis Academy takes it one step further: The family who plays together, plays better tennis together.  That's the thinking behind Nerenberg's Family Clinics.

"This isn't about making money as much as creating a positive, healthy activity that they can do together.  They get to play more tennis, they get together, and they get very high-quality instruction," says Nerenberg.  "We started with one family five years ago and now have about 40 families.  I haven't seen this anywhere else in the country."


Lessons are available in 60-, 90-, and 120-minute sessions, and family members can use the time any way they wish.  For example, a 90 minute lesson may see the father take a half-hour lesson, the son take a half-hour lesson, and both play the final half-hour together.  There is always another court available for the "off-time" family member to hit with a pro or another lesson-taker.  Nerenberg says the flexible format has worked wonderfully, and encouraged former female college players-turned-mothers to start playing tennis again.


Family Clinics runs year round - October through June is indoors at the NY Tennis Club and June through September is outdoors at the Riverdale Tennis Center.  Participants can count on excellent instruction because Nerenberg's experience run deep.

Nerenberg founded his academy in '75, served as the winningest coach of men's tennis at Manhattan College and also worked for 30 years as a health and physical education teacher.  That's about three lifetimes of experience.  His efforts haven't gone unnoticed: Teaching pro association PTR named him "Coach of the Year," and Prince Sports Group named his academy among the Top 25 tennis camps in the United States.


But, more importantly, players stick with Nerenberg.  He's known as a caring instructor who makes practice fun, which combines for great motivation among his pupils of all ages and abilities.

Read more about our lessons here.

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