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A Variety of Tennis Lessons & Training

Outdoor Program at
Riverdale Tennis Center

Call for Appointment and Tryouts

Family Tennis Clinics

In response to your requests for flexible programs that involve the entire family or different family members from week-to-week, we have created a new program to meet your needs, Family Tennis Clinics. Family Tennis Clinics run indoors from October to May.


Instruction may be private, semi-private or a small group.  Basically, you agree to use 1 or 1.5 hours to receive instruction.  As an example, your 8 year old son plays for 30 minutes and your 14 year old daughter plays for 30 minutes.  Another example is father/son, mother/daughter.  You may choose to play together, or separately.  Remember this is your time, so if after a few weeks mom and dad want to take lessons - that's ok too.

Group Lessons

Includes beginner through tournament level players.  Classes are grouped by age/level with an average of four students.  We provide a fun and fast paced environment where the development of skills and a love for competition is nurtured.  Ages 10-18 for Juniors, and all ages for adults.

Tryouts are required for all new students.

Quick Start Tennis

An exciting new format for ages 5-10 for learning to play tennis.  We use smaller courts, racquets, special low-pressure balls and modified scoring.  The goal is to have fun and to begin playing during the very first class.   The USTA has adopted their program for use throughout the country.  Coach Nerenberg’s background as a Physical Education Teacher, High-School and College Coach make him uniquely qualified for this program.  He has used Quick Start principles for the last 40 years, and found them to be a great way for young children to learn the game as they have a great time and a terrific workout.


Elite Team Training Program
Ages- 12-18, Boys and Girls
  • Class Duration - Two hours

  • Session Length - Spring/Summer

  • Level- High Intermediate- Advanced 


A typical class will be similar to a High School or College level practice :

1- Dynamic Warm-up

2- Mini-Tennis to full court rallying and volley/overhead practice

3- Skill instruction and drills daily to improve pace, consistency and depth of stroke

4- Defensive and Attack tennis games

5- Supervised matches with coaching provided

6- Off court fitness and agility training

7- Mental Toughness Enhancement

Grand Prix Travel Team Program 
  • This program is open to all students, grades 5 - 12.  

  • We play one match per month.  Matches are generally Saturday or Sunday, late afternoon or evening.  

  • Format is "Davis Cup" style of play, with every player guaranteed a single and doubles match.

  • Brian Kritzer, our Head Professional, and a former NCAA All-American Tennis Player, is in charge of the Program.

  • Clubs are located in NYC, Westchester and Long Island.   

  • Program is designed for team involvement in a competitive tennis environment

  • Coaching is provided.

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